Are you hungry for more? Where to start?

This is my first blog. I have been on a journey for so long and yet I find myself asking the same question. Where to start?

It is such a fun question. For me, it started in a dream. Doesn’t it always? And for the longest it seemed like it would only be a dream… A little girl dreaming of having the power to save the world. But what power could do that? LOVE? So cliche, I know. Love and magic was my thing as a girl. I knew this power existed for I was convinced it was given to me by that which is greater than us.

Did I lose you? Maybe. It’s okay, the people that resonate will stay.

I also lost myself at some point. As an adult I grew out of all of that into a rational, skeptical, and sarcastic “professional”. I fell into a great job and career. One that allowed me to serve people and grow to be confident in my skills. I felt successful in many ways. I did all the things that people do: I went to school, bought a house, got married, and grew in my career.

Yet, I was constantly fearful, worried, overworked and stressed. I felt I had an itch that I could not scratch. I searched for what I was hungry for but I did not know what it was or how to find out. So, I did what a lot of us do. I got distracted with screens, alcohol, drugs, and partying. Even books were an escape. An escape from what? For me it was a superficial life. A life of disconnect. A life of hiding. A life of dimming. A life of pretend.

What is it for you?

I needed to bring that little girl back! The one that dreamed, that loved deeply and loved to be seen and had unwavering faith! When I became a mother I knew I had to bring her back. How could I bring that girl back? That is when I found Reiki and my first coach. I had to calm that over-active mind to ask the questions. Eventually, the answers came.

Reiki was not only my guiding force for answers but for me it IS love and magic. It is that power that allows me to heal and guide others to healing and ultimately save the world. My dream is back on! Thankfully, it is no longer just a dream.

What are you searching for? Where is that inner child of yours? What would that child tell you now?

Or, are you so stressed you just do not have the space to ask?

If so, imagine if there was a practice that allowed you to BE without the to-dos or the worry? How might that benefit you?

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