How I Manifested an Ideal Job

I heard a quote during my meditation this morning that said: “True success does not come from accomplishments, it comes from walking in joy through hell.”

I’ve been working part-time from home for almost 2 years!!

This time has been full of surprises, excitement and many tears. It was all worth it! My children have thrived during this time I’ve been at home and I opened a business that I absolutely love.

Before this time I had been in Human Resources in a manufacturing environment for more than 10 years!
Towards the end of my career I felt so drained.

But I missed it! The thing I miss about it the most was the high engagement and team work required. So when my spouse found out his work schedule was changing I started conjuring up a vision for myself.

My kids would not require outside child care and that opened new doors for me.

I started to ask myself what I wanted. What kind of environment I wanted? What kind of salary I wanted? What kind of people I want to be surrounded by?

I went on a couple of interviews. Really pushing the process along. I should know better by now but I was “making” things happen.

So of course, I ended up in undesirable environments. Where people valued “hard” work. A particular place told me during a interview: “this is a high stress environment, we work 50 to 60 hours a week.” Sure the money was going to be great but I just couldn’t see myself back on that same horse again!

I wanted to be surrounded by beauty and nature.
I wanted to be surrounded with a great diverse group of people.
I wanted a balanced environment.
One where we valued service to others and growth.

So, I started going within with this picture! Stopped pushing myself and held still.
Shortly after I saw a posting for an HR job in hospitality! In a 4-star resort 20 minutes from my home!

I applied on a Sunday after a wonderful meditation. On Monday night I had a dream where I saw myself there, so on Tuesday I made my way down there unconventionally unannounced. It just felt like a pull.

It was so divinely timed that the hiring manager was available and I interviewed on the spot. She was absolutely wonderful just the kind of person I wanted to work for. Highly experienced, well rounded and we aligned in values. Then, came a second interview a couple of days later with an executive and by the end of the week I had an offer.

My children will be well cared for, I’ll have the high engagement and team-work I crave and I will be able to keep my business that I love.

This is what comes from clear intention creation.
We are all creators and we can all use a similar process to call in our desires.
No hard work needed.

All it takes is designing a clear vision based of true values, acting upon impulses and lots of faith and patience is required.

Who said you can’t have it all?

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